2016 Hilo Community Chorus Scholarship Winner, University of Hawaii, Hilo student Moriah Mathson

IMGP6275Below are excerpts from the essay submitted by 2016 Hilo Community Chorus scholarship winner, University of Hawaii Hilo student Moriah Mathson (photo above).

“…I remember singing during elementary school and a few church productions, but I never did any formal singing during middle school, high school, or college because I felt like it was not my forte. This spring semester was my first time singing in a choir….

…I was in band during middle school and high school; I played the clarinet. I liked band because I enjoyed being part of a group, and we all had the same goal: to share beauty. After high school, I tried to get involved in the local community band and was able to perform with them for one year. Sadly the community band fell apart because 1) most of the band was made of the high school/middle school music teachers and their schedules were packed, and 2) their tuba player passed away…

…During high school, I participated in the Alaska Southeast Music Convention for three years. Southeast Music Convention is an event that happens during the spring. All the high schools from the different islands travel to a host city of the year (Sitka, Juneau, Haines, or Ketchikan) to perform competitively for three days….

….I played piano from 7th grade until I was 26 years old and was leaving for college [in Hawaii]. I stopped playing because I couldn’t afford to take lessons while in college….I decided to change my decision from being a music major to a career in the medical field (which will support my music habit). I earned a professional certificate in Harmony and Ear training from Berklee College of Music online during the time I thought I was going to be a music major….

….My objectives and goals, at this time, for choral music is to audition and take Kapili Choir Spring 2017. Being in the University Choir has opened more doors to me as a musician. It is nice to know, if I practice, I can participate in other choirs such as community or church choirs. This experience also allowed me to form new friendships. The next step of my education will require me to leave the Big Island. I do not know if my family will be able to come with; if they cannot, I will be on my own for the first time. If it is possible to join a choir, I will make friends and will be able to function better in graduate school. Having good friendships and support is incredibly important when you do not have family around.”



Spring Concert, Saturday May 28, 2016, 3 PM and UH Choral Scholarship Presentation

Spring 2016 Poster2Chorus to Perform Two Requiems

The Hilo Community Chorus will present Luigi Cherubini’s “Requiem in C minor” and Dan Forrest’s “Requiem for the Living” in concert on Saturday, May 28, at 3:00 pm at First United Protestant Church, 1350 Waianuenue Ave, Hilo, Hawaii 96720.  Click here to see location at Google Maps.

The Cherubini, which will be accompanied by Walter Greenwood, premiered January 21, 1816 at a commemoration service for Louis XVI of France on the twenty-third anniversary of his beheading during the French Revolution. It was admired by Beethoven and performed at his funeral. Schumann praised it as being “without equal in the world.”

The five movements of Dan Forrest’s Requiem for the Living, (2013) form a narrative just as much for the living, and their own struggle with pain and sorrow, as for the dead. It will be accompanied by an instrumental ensemble and will be conducted by Dr. Daniel Mahraun, who first conducted HCC last spring at the Palace Theater. Rachel Edwards, last year’s recipient of the Hawaii Concert Society’s scholarship, will be the guest soprano soloist.

Moriah Mathson, student at UH-Hilo, will be the recipient of the third annual Hilo Community Chorus Tom McAlexander Choral Music Scholarship award for 2016. According to her instructor, Amy Horst, “ Moriah is a Senior Psychology major with a 3.96 GPA. She has been an extremely dedicated alto singer in the University Chorus this past semester, and I look forward to her continuing with University Chorus in the Fall, and then joining the Kapili Choir in the Spring, next school year.”

Admission is $10 and tickets may be purchased from chorus members or at the door. For more information, call HCC choral director Tom McAlexander (985-7192) or email tommac@hawaii.rr.com.